May 3, 2006

The Blue Frog Is In Trouble

As of this evening, Blue Frog/Security’s sites are completely inaccessible, more about this in a bit. Now allow me to back up to last night. A couple things happened that I found odd but would have had no idea they were related: When I went to last night it took me to the their blogs site ( Earlier in the evening I was experimenting with Live Journal when that site started becoming very sluggish and some points inaccessible. I was thinking the troubles with Live Journal seemed all too similar to those at Blue Frog/Security, but these could not…

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The Blue Frog Still Alive!

For a brief time last night I was able to access the blogs portion of Blue Security’s site. Here is a portion of their Blog entry for 05/03: The Blue Independence War “Today is Israel’s Independence Day. It’s a public holiday in Israel, but all of us in Blue Security are working. But we are glad we’re working. We’re helping the community fight the Blue Independence War. We fight for our freedom from spammers and cyber criminals. This is our big chance to reclaim the Internet. We must not let it slip from our hands. Some desperate spammers are doing…

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