April 3, 2007

Fx 3 Updated Milestone Schedule

Today’s Firefox 3 Status meeting must have been fairly short, at least the notes were. There are now 19 (up 1 from last week) blockers (major bugs) for turning on bookmarks in Places. The only other item mentioned (which was also mentioned at yesterday’s Weekly Update meeting), is the updated Gran Paradiso (Fx 3) milestone schedule: Fx 3.0a1/Gecko 1.9a1 – RELEASED: December 8th (2006) Fx 3.0a2/Gecko 1.9a2 – RELEASED: February 7th Fx 3.0a3/Gecko 1.9a3 – RELEASED: March 23rd Fx 3.0a4/Gecko 1.9a4 – End April 2007 Tentative Fx 3.0a5/Gecko 1.9a5 – End May 2007 Tentative Fx 3.0a6/Gecko 1.9a6 – End June…

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