April 27, 2007

Go Firefox! Removed From Blogroll

Over the past months I have received several complaints about the link to Go Firefox! in the Blogroll.  These complaints stem from Prospero’s (provider for Delphi Forums) advertisement policy. Simply put whenever an unregistered/non-paying (Delphi Forums) user visits a link to a forum such as Go Firefox! they are immediately presented with a full screen ad before they are allowed to proceed into the forum. I have also heard reports (unconfirmed) these ads leave adware/spyware and/or tracking cookies on visitors computers. Also Prospero makes it (I am sure intentionally) unclear that there is an option to “Skip This Advertisement“, usually…

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Fx 3.0a4/Gecko 1.9a4 Released

Mozilla has released (early) for testing purposes the next milestone in the Fx 3.0/Gecko 1.9 series, Alpha 4. Some new features include: Inclusion of the FUEL Javascript library for extension developers. New page info window Cocoa user interface improvements and bug fixes Crash reporting via Breakpad (Mac OS X only) Improvements for off line application support Next up is Alpha 5 which is due out on May 31st. If all goes as planned, this should mark the return of Places which is the integration of History and Bookmarks with powerful tagging and search capabilities. Should Places actually make it into…

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Firefox 3 Updated Roadmap

It appears Mozilla has made some major updates to the Firefox 3 Roadmap. One of the most noticeable is actual release dates (example Fx 3.0a5 is due out on May 31st) for each milestone no more of this beginning/mid/end of whatever month type of release dates. Further there is a lot more info as to what is coming which each milestone: Alpha 5 – May 31st – Reintegration of Places, Idenity Framework (CardSpace support) Alpha 6 – June 28th – More integration of Places including adding tagging feature, download manager improvements, updates to Cairo and Cocoa Widgets on Mac OS…

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