January 1, 2008

Tip: Transitioning From Netscape 9 to Fx 2

With the recent announcement from AOL that they will end support for Netscape in February, many loyal Netscape users will be looking for a new browser. Since Netscape 9 is based off of Firefox 2 with a few extensions built-in, it would seem moving to Firefox 2 would be the logical choice. However once users Get Firefox, they are going to discover that the social networking features that came with Netscape 9 are not included. While it is not too difficult to get these features installed in Firefox 2, locating them on addons.mozilla.org (AMO) isn’t as easy. The Guru has…

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Blog Year in Review: December 2007

December, for the most part was a rather uneventful month (other than the Blog Year In Review). The only big news was the (premature) release of Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 about a week before Christmas. I still say the developers should have held out until after the holidays. The Guru did review a couple add-ons, Locator and a really cool and revolutionary ‘theme’ extension called Personas. While on the subject of add-ons did you know both Firefox and Thunderbird have a ‘hidden’ feature that adds an ‘install button’ to the add-ons manager? You ask, and you shall receive. The Guru,…

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