April 13, 2008


Back in September it was announced The Firefox Extension Guru’s Home had become a .com. However, the hosting was still on the old ffextensionguru.info domain. Friday evening we switched the primary hosting over to the ffextensionguru.com domain and made .info an alias. Visitors will not notice anything different if they go to either domain as they are both the same. As it stands now, ffextensionguru.info will be going away in July 2011 and the original ffextensiongurublog.info domain in February 2010. To avoid confusion it is best to use http://ffextensionguru.com for The Firefox Extension Guru’s Home and http://blog.ffextensionguru.com for The Firefox…

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Review: New Tab Homepage

By default when you open a new tab in Firefox, it opens with a blank tab. In IE7 the default behaviour is to load the users home page in the newly opened tab. The about:config entry browser.tabs.loadOnNewTab is suppose to allow you to choose to have either the browser startup page, blank page (default), Home Page or Last Visited Page open in the new tab. However, this does not work with Firefox, only SeaMonkey. For more on this see bug 269664 for details. The extension New Tab Homepage will load your home page (if you have more than one, then…

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