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The new and improved Smart Location Bar aka AwesomeBar displays the results a little differently than in Firefox 2. In Firefox 3 each result is displayed on two lines. The favicon followed by the page title in a larger font on the top line, followed by the URL in green below. In Firefox 2 the results were displayed on one line with the page URL followed by the page title. Click the samples below for full-size images:

Firefox 3 SLB
Firefox 3 Default: Smart Location Bar displays results on two lines: Favicon, Page Title; URL in green

Firefox 2 SLB
Firefox 3 with oldbar: Smart Location Bar displays results on single line: Favicon, URL, Page Title in grey

oldbar is for Firefox 3 only and is about 2K

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  1. Firefox keeps trying to force me to install 3.0.19 … and I have resisted, because it tells me my addons won’t work. Without OLDBAR or some other addon to give me single-line results in my location bar, I will absolutely not use 3.0.19 or any future release of Firefox.

    Somehow, they seem to think URLs are “clunky.” Well, clunky is in the eye of the beholder. I’m a web developer, and I know sites by their URLs, and do NOT want this extra “help” that clutters up a neat list of locations. Furthermore, many of the locations I return to are on my local drive … sites under development. It’s beyond frustrating … it’s even beyond infuriating … to be stuck with someone else’s misguided vision of “awesome.” It stinks.

    Can you point me to something that’ll give me the functionality of “oldbar” and “hide unvisited?”

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