September 2, 2008

Disable Apostrophe from Opening QuickFind Bar

In theory, the Quick Find bar should not activate when pressing the apostrophe (‘) and slash (/) keys when you are in a text-box. However, many users have reported that the Quick Find bar does activate when pressing the apostrophe (‘) and slash (/) keys even if they are in a text-box. There is an extension called SearchHotKeys that will disable the apostrophe (‘) and slash (/) keys from invoking the quick find bar. You can still invoke via CTRL+F. This should work for Firefox 2 and 3*. Follow these steps below: Go to Right-click and select ‘Save Link…

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Google Chrome

The big news today is the release of Google’s new web browser, Chrome. The big ‘selling point’ for Chrome is it is faster because of the way it handles the tabs. Unlike Firefox, IE, Netscape, Opera, etc. where the browser is one huge process, Chrome allocates a process to each tab. So if there is a problem says JavaScript is hung-up in one of the tabs, only that tab will go down, not the entire browser. However, something doesn’t seem to make sense here. The screen shot below of my task manager was taken with Chrome open with 6 tabs,…

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