February 18, 2011

Firefox 3.5.17/3.6.14 Delay Info

For those keeping track, Firefox 3.5.17 & 3.6.14 were scheduled to be released back on February 8th. This date later got pushed back to February 14th. Finally today, February 18th Mozilla updated the release page removing a projected release date. So what’s with the delays? Unlike Firefox 4 Beta 12,  this one took a bit of hunting around to find more info. Finally found some information from the February 16th Firefox/Gecko Delivery Meeting notes. The problem is with Firefox 3.6.14 and therefore is also delaying the release of Firefox 3.5.17 (as well as Thunderbird 3.1.8). The issue is a pesky…

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Firefox 4 Beta 12 Delayed – Beta 13?

Much like Firefox 3.5.17 and 3.6.14, Firefox 4 Beta 12 has been delayed. Currently there are five bugs holding back the Beta 12 release. Of these five, one is ‘major,’ two are ‘critical’ and three are ‘normal’. Bottom line, barring some miracle does not look like Firefox 4 is going to be released this month. Especially since Mozilla is “reserving the right’ to have a Beta 13 (if needed) release prior to moving to the Release Candidate builds. Source: ZDNet

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