August 11, 2011

Too Late For Microsoft?

In the phone market that is. Microsoft and Nokia have unveiled plans on how their partnership is going to keep both of them alive in the US mobile market. It will be interesting to watch, but I doubt Microsoft has a chance against Apple (which is now the most valuable company in the world) with their iPhone or the Android phones. The only “selling point” I have seen is towards the end of the article: As iPhones and Android devices pick up steam in the corporate world, BlackBerries are in less demand. Windows Phone 7, which comes with light Office…

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$500 For A Phone!

Famous words of Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer in a 2007 Interview with CNBC in response to Steve Jobs unveiling of the iPhone at Mac World in January that year. By the end of 2007 with the iPhone only being on the market for six months apple sold nearly 1.4 million iPhones. That numbered jumped to 11.6 million, however 6.8 million of that was the newer iPhone 3G and also at that time Apple slashed the price to $399. [Full Sales History]

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