November 30, 2011

Gallery Fixed

It appears the Gallery had gone down on November 10th due to some issues with the gallery software. Users we’re seeing an HTTP 500: Internal Server error. We made some updates to the gallery platform (ZenPhoto) and were able to get the gallery restore on November 22nd. At this time there has been no new photos added since this past summer. I do have some photos on my Android that I still need to download and hope to get those posted in the coming weeks.

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No Thunderbird 8.0.1

There has been some confusion as to what is the most current version of Thunderbird. Thunderbird 8.0 released on November 8, 2011 is the most current version of Thunderbird. Mozilla did release an update for Firefox (8.0.1) on November 21st, 2011. However, the issues that were addressed in this update (older version of RoboForm caused browser to crash on start-up and crashing issues with JAVA heavy sites on Mac with Firefox 8.0) were related to Firefox only. Therefore Mozilla did not do a Thunderbird 8.0.1 update. At this time it does not appear there will be any other Thunderbird updates…

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