More info to come…

I realize the last post, Thunderbird ESR Released was a bit brief. I had been waiting to post about the new ESR build until I knew for sure they were going to be released. I had seen in a couple places that they were scheduled for release on January 31st. I had not seen much about this most of the day and I just happened to be lurking around the Builds forums during a break in my Networking Class tonight when I saw they had been released. I will be having more information about these builds tomorrow and some other news including what this means for Thunderbird 3.1. As if the releases of Thunderbird 10, 3.1.18 and ESR were not enough, there was a major change occurring tonight with the Comm Central (Daily) builds for Thunderbird 13, however due to major crashing issues this has been temporarily backed out. More info about this change and what it means for the future of Thunderbird later tomorrow.

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