February 2015

Thunderbird Usage Still Growing

Contrary to the rumors, Mozilla Thunderbird usage is not declining. In fact, usage is still increasing steadily. Mozilla measures program usage by Active Daily Installations (ADI), which is the number of pings that Mozilla servers receive as installations do their daily plugin block-list update. This is not the same as the number of active users, since some users don’t access their program each day, and some installations are behind firewalls. An estimate of active monthly users is typically done by multiplying the ADI by a factor of 3. There is a more detailed breakdown of the growth, plus the top 10…

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Thunderbird 31.5.0 Released

Mozilla released the next scheduled update for the Thunderbird 31 branch on Tuesday, February 24th with Thunderbird 31.5.0. Release notes. Users may be prompted to update to the newest release of Thunderbird or can do so manually within Thunderbird by going to Help > About Thunderbird and following the update prompts. Users may also manually download and install the Thunderbird update via the getthunderbird.com site. The next scheduled update for the Thunderbird 31 branch is March 31, 2015 with Thunderbird 31.6.0.

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Firejail – A Security Sandbox for Mozilla Firefox, Part 2

“In part 2 of this series, we look at some new browser sandboxing developments in Firejail security sandbox. Since the first article was published, many new features have been added. Unlike other sandboxes, the main focus of Firejail project is GUI application sandboxing, with web browsers being, at least for the immediate future, the main target. …” Source: l3net – a layer 3 networking blog Details 

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