July 8, 2015

Smart Phone Sales Declining

Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers such as HTC and Xiaomi are facing steep losses as consumer are not buying new phones as often. I am not so certain the new iPhones have really made a difference, but then I have general dislike of anything Apple. Their results underscore the challenges that all smartphone vendors — with the potential exception of Apple — face as consumers upgrade their smartphones less frequently and are less impressed by newer devices’ incremental improvements. Moreover, the once hot growth market of China appears to be reaching a saturation point for first-time buyers, with cooling demand there, too….

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I’m Back (and so is the Gallery)!

Last September I announced I was closing the El Guru Blog (blog.elguru.me) and moving the content to my Firefox Blog. So here we are about a year later and I have decided to resurrect the blog and rebrand it as El Guru’s Tech Blog with the AllanHutchison.net domain. AllanHutchison.com is a school project site I created some years back using HTML and CSS only. I mainly use that site as a reference when doing custom CSS coding and to host my resume. In May of 2006, I created the Firefox Extension Guru’s Blog and in the beginning there was lots of different content. As the…

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