Using extensions in Firefox

Looks like I got caught assuming again.

I’ve been using FF for a long time and the primary reason has been the extensions/add-ons therefore everyone uses it for that reason.

Gizmo’s posted a how-to for the add-ons today and caused me to rethink that assumption.

“… Counting the number of Firefox installations from which the foundation receives this anonymously submitted data, Mozilla staff estimates that around two in five users don’t have add-ons installed on their Firefox browser. …”

Source: Softpedia
 Mozilla: 40 Percent of Firefox Users Don’t Have Add-Ons Installed

“Firefox has tons of useful add-ons that can make your browsing safer, use less bandwidth, grab screenshots…. you name it, there’s probably an add-on for it. If you’re not familiar with Firefox or you use Firefox but aren’t sure how to use add-ons, this great step-by-step article tells you how to find, install and manage add-ons. …”

Source: Gizmo’s Freeware
 How to Use Firefox Add-ons

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