July 26, 2017

MIA Posts

So it appears there are still some posts that did not get carried over from the old Firefox Blog. I am discovering this as I am trying to search for content I thought I had posted. I still have the old blog on a private domain for just such an emergency. Over the next couple weeks I am going to start comparing for each month what is on the old Firefox Blog versus what is on the tech blog. I have recently transferred over posts from April 2015 as I was needing to reference a post during this time frame for…

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Paint (sort of) Going Away in Next Windows 10

Microsoft MSFT 99,76 +0,71 +0,72%  announced Monday, Paint is going to be deprecated application in the Fall Creators Update of Windows 10 slated for release later this year. Paint which has been around since first being introduced in Windows 1.0 back in 1985 is not totally going away. The technology giant said the 32-year-old sketching app “isn’t going anywhere” despite appearing on a list of software that was to be “deprecated” from the next Windows 10 update. The app will instead be moved to the Windows Store, where Windows users will be able to download it for free, the company said. But,…

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