YouTube SOLD! to Google

Okay, so I guess it wasn’t a rumor after all…It has been officially announced YouTube has been acquired by Google for the low price of $1.65 billion. Now, according to the press release, everything is going to stay the same. They will as remain two independent services and no one is going to be out of a job. From a marketing stand point, it is good Google as opted to keep the YouTube name and site as is. More folks are familiar with the YouTube experience and community then they would be of that with Google Videos. However, based by…

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Update: YouTube by Google?

Earlier I had reported a possible e-mail rumor about Google in talks of acquiring YouTube. There has been a lot of talk about this from Wall Street Journal to many of the major tech blogs. So, this may be not just be a rumor after all. According to the Yahoo! article: Report: Google in talks to buy YouTube, “Representatives from Google and YouTube did not immediately return calls to The Associated Press.” It would seem to me if this were just a mere ‘rumor’ the AP would have heard back from one these two companies, even if it is just…

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