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Profiles Revisited

Last month I mentioned about my Multiple Profile Disorder but I never really went into the importance of having multiple profiles. Never gave that much thought, until today on Go Firefox!, a member learned & discovered what happens if you try to run the same profile on a developmental version of Firefox. A quick reminder about profiles from the Firefox Help site: Multiple profiles and profile management is an advanced feature, mainly intended for developers. Unless you are an extension developer or an advanced user, you should probably not be trying to use multiple profiles. I am what they called…

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Mitchell Baker Talks to About Mozilla in the Enterprise has an interview with Mitchell Baker, which focuses on the limited success of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird in the enterprise market to date. The Mozilla Corporation President attributes some of the lack of success to a reliance on proprietary technologies within some businesses. She singles out intranets that only work with Microsoft Internet Explorer as a particular problem. However, she claims that the fact that Firefox is open-source does not on its own hold back adoption in large organisations. [complete article] I have to say this quote describes…

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Firefox 2.0 Feature Preview: Inline Spellcheck

Robert Strong created the SpellBound Spellchecker for Firefox and Mozilla Suite (now known as Sea Monkey) extension which enabled users to have a web based spell checker. He also part of the development team for Firefox 2.0. When Firefox 1.5 came out Robert created a ‘developmental version’ of SpellBound which was an inline or spell as you type of spell checker. The inline spellcheck is suppose to be one of the new features in FF 2.0. I’ve had an opportunity to try it out. Right now it is only working for pages that have a text-area fields such as Yahoo!Mail….

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Firefox 2.0 Feature Preview: Session Management

The next new feature for Firefox 2.0 is Session Management. First thing I noticed is this is NOT quite the same as the session management features available in Tab Mix Plus, Session Manager or SessionSaver. If anything it is more similar to Crash Recovery. So…what’s the difference? Well, Session Management like these above mentioned extensions will recover your browser (tabs & windows) session exactly as it was in the event the browser crashes. However, unlike the above (Crash Recovery excluded) it does not recover your browser if you accidentally (or intentionally) close it. That is what I liked about Session…

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A New Milestone for FF 2.0

On May 13th Bon Echo Alpha 2 was released. Now I am sure you are asking “Oh humble Guru what the heck is Bon Echo?”. Bon Echo is the project name for FF 2.0, named after the park in Ontario, Canada. I have yet to play with this release yet but do look forward to doing so tomorrow. Some of the new features in this release include (click links below to see Blog entries): Links default to opening in new tabs, not new windows New user interface for Add-Ons (extensions & themes) Close buttons now appear on every tab, and…

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The Blue Frog Is In Trouble

As of this evening, Blue Frog/Security’s sites are completely inaccessible, more about this in a bit. Now allow me to back up to last night. A couple things happened that I found odd but would have had no idea they were related: When I went to last night it took me to the their blogs site ( Earlier in the evening I was experimenting with Live Journal when that site started becoming very sluggish and some points inaccessible. I was thinking the troubles with Live Journal seemed all too similar to those at Blue Frog/Security, but these could not…

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Firefox Released

In Mozilla’s on going commitment to providing a safe and quality product, an updated version of Firefox ( was released today. FF previously was going to contain more fixes but due to the severity of a Denial of Service (Dos) vulnerability discovered last week this issue was addressed, fixed and put into this release. All the other fixes which were slated for the release have been moved into the upcoming FF release. More information can be found in the Mozilla Firefox Release Notes. If you have Firefox configured to Automatically Install and Download Updates (default setting)…

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Excellent Move Mr. Schroepfer!

Note: Some of this content I had posted previously on the Go Firefox! Forum. After some time to think this over and doing some in depth research I have decided to dig into this in more detail on my blog.On Friday, April 28th, Mozilla announced they would be pulling a major feature from the forthcoming Firefox 2.0 (due out later this year). In the announcement on mozillaZine, there is a link to a news group post by Mike Schroepfer of Mozilla Corporation explains the reasoning for the feature removal. There are two key points here: The decision to remove an…

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Multiple Profile Disorder!

I appear to be suffering from Multiple Profile Disorder! With all the testing I do on Go Firefox! and with different versions of Firefox (1.0.7, 1.0.8, 1.5.0.*, 1.6a1, Bon Echo, etc.). I have way too many profiles and I am not even sure what some of them are and worse yet, what version of Firefox I was using them for! So Guru, What is a “Profile”? Simply put a ‘profile’ on Firefox is your settings or a non-technical term personality. Your profile contains all your Bookmarks (Favorites for you IE folks), Extensions (add-ons, more about these in another time), Themes…

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A Blog is Born!

Well, I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and have created a blog! This blog is going to be primarily (if not entirely) about my experiences with Firefox. What the heck is Firefox you might be asking yourself? Well, it is a free, open-source web browser created by the folks at Mozilla. It is a great alternative to the buggy and security hole ridden IE browser. I consider myself somewhat (only because I haven’t done any development type of stuff) of an advanced user of Firefox. Over the past year and half now, I have done a lot (including crashing)…

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