October 2015

Download Manager (S3) Add-On Spies on Users

” Dan Callahan, engineer in Developer Relations at Mozilla, has told Softpedia that their staff contacted Mr. Popov, but he has yet to respond them. He also said they’ve also checked the developer’s other plugins, and that besides Download Manager (S3) another add-on was also found to have a similar behavior and also removed from the add-ons portal. If Mr. Popov removes the user privacy intrusive behavior from his add-on’s code, Mr. Callahan said that the Mozilla staff won’t have any issues with relisting the add-ons on their portal. “ Source: SoftpediaDetails 

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Tool to tweak Firefox about:config settings

Windows only at the moment – I’m not on Windows so can’t try it out but it looked like something that may be useful for some. Source: The Windows ClubReview  ConfigFox: Configure and tweak Firefox about:config settings Source: gHacks Tech NewsReview  ConfigFox: manage advanced Firefox privacy and security settings

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