March 11, 2007

Update: Fx Add-ons Overhaul

Some how I missed posting this info last week. Here is the latest on the Fx Add-ons site overhaul via Mozilla Webdev blog: March 5 – Migrate the add-ons database and update March 5-12 – Community testing of, ongoing bug fixing and polishing March 12-15 – Final bug fixes and adjustments based on community testing and feedback March 15 – Deployment of new So in theory we could be see the new, improved and overhauled Fx Add-ons site later this week. I took a look at the “preview” site earlier and noticed the performance has improved. However…

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ActiveX & Fx 2.0

We recently an e-mail in our Info box asking about an ActiveX plug-in for Firefox 2. I thought at first this is a rather odd question, of course there is an ActiveX plug-in for Fx 2. Why wouldn’t there be? After some extensive research I discovered there is NOT an ActiveX Plug-in for Fx 2 and likely won’t ever be. Okay, so now why isn’t there is an ActiveX plug-in for Fx 2? For starters, ActiveX is Microsoft technology and Firefox is not a Microsoft product. I think the main reason (and a valid one at that) why Mozilla choose…

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