June 16, 2008

Weekly Update 2008-06-16

FIREFOX/GECKO Fx – Status: Pending Release to Beta Channel Awaiting a couple more patches to land before moving to code freeze Current Schedule Code freeze: June 9 Builds start: June 9 QA starts: June 10 Release to beta channel: June 18 Final Release: June 24 Fx 3.0 – Status: Awaiting Release RC3 released on June 11th Current Schedule Code freeze: Builds start: QA starts: Release to beta channel: Final Release: June 17 Gecko 1.9.1 – Status: In Progress Currently tracking 11 blockers for Gecko 1.9.1 45 wanted for 1.9.1 bugs. THUNDERBIRD/LIGHTNING Lightning/Sunbird (Calendar Project) – No Report TBird…

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