January 21, 2010

Remove New Tab Button

I was recently asked how to remove the ‘New Tab Button’ that appears on the far right of the tab bar. Come to think of it, I never really even use that button, I always just do CTRL+T to open a new tab. A quick search on AMO turned up this handy add-on. Remove New Tab Button. It already works with Firefox 3.6 upto Firefox 3.7a1pre.

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Firefox 3.6 Released

Firefox 3.6 is now available for download via the getfirefox.com site. Please note at this time if you want Firefox 3.6 you will need to manually download and install this version. A Major Update (Firefox 3.5.X to 3.6.X) likely won’t be coming out until sometime after the Firefox 3.5.8 release in mid-February. Note: It is recommend once you have downloaded Firefox 3.6 to remove Firefox 3.5 before installing. You may bring your current profile over from Firefox 3.5  to the new version. Firefox 3.0 users Mozilla is going to ending support and updates after the 3.0.18 release in mid-February. Firefox…

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