April 24, 2010

Uninstalling JAVA Console Add-on

JAVA seems to be a popular topic lately on this here blog. So here is another Firefox and JAVA related post for your reading pleasure. Yesterday I was helping a family member at their home with an odd issue with their Firefox 3.6 install on Windows 7. It seems they had several versions of the JAVA Console add-on installed and they could not uninstall them (‘uninstall’ button was greyed out). I am not even really sure what this extension is suppose to since I did not have this add-on installed. From what I have read it is suppose to open…

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Locate Your Profile Folder Easily in Firefox 3.6

Locating your Firefox profile folder can be a bit of challenge. While assisting a family member (more on this later) the other day we discovered that with Firefox 3.6, it s very easy to get to your profile folder. From the Firefox Help Menu, select Troubleshooting Information… or in a new tab type about:support and press enter. In the new tab that opens there is a section Application Basics, click the Open Containing Folder button Click for Full Size Image

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