January 28, 2008

Week Update 2008-01-28

Reminder: Due to the scheduled meeting time and my work schedule, I am not be able to get the meeting notes posted until the following Tuesday. Here’s an overview of this week’s Update Meeting: Fx Release Schedule Updated: Code Freeze: Friday, January 25 QA Testing: Tuesday, January29 Beta Channel Release: Tuesday, February 5 Scheduled to Release: Tuesday, February 12 Gecko 1.9 Beta 3 Status of Beta 3: 55 P1s 168 P2s 186 P3s Firefox 3 Beta 3 < 20 P1s, getting close to b3-ready, freeze is tomorrow. Global frecency landed, even-more-awesomebar Proto for OS X landed last night, for…

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Thunderbird 3 Plans for 2008

David Ascher head of the newly formed MailCo has posted plans for Thunderbird 3. The main plan is to increase the already sizable user base (millions) by including with Thunderbird 3 built-in calendar integration (based off of Lighting) much like Microsoft Outlook. Also to introduce a better search function such as those found in Gmail or Mail.app. In addition to these plans is the goal is to have a final release of Thunderbird 3 by the end of 2008. Here is an overview of David’s plans for Thunderbird 3 in 2008: Goal: To have at public milestone build of Thunderbird…

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