March 22, 2011

Tab Groups [Panorama]

Note: This feature is only available in Firefox 4. There may be currently or soon an add-on to add this functionality to Firefox 3.6 and older. Okay, I had forgotten about this feature as it was introduced very early on around the first beta as Tab Candy by Aza Raskin. This feature later became known as Tab Groups and Panorama the viewer. Panorama allows you to view thumbnails of your tabs in their respective groups and organize these groups (rename and delete groups as well as moving tabs between groups). As the name implies it allows you to group your…

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Installing Firefox 4.

When Firefox 4 is released, it is not going to be as an upgrade, but rather as an installer.  You do not need to remove the old version of Firefox. However, by default when Firefox 4 goes to install it will likely try to install in the same folder as your present Firefox install. You can however avoid this by selecting Custom on the setup type. Then enter a new location (such as C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox 4\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox 4\ for those running 64-Bit Windows Vista or Windows 7 on the following screen: The downside to this…

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