March 29, 2011

Old ‘Status Bar’

There’s an extension for that: Status-4-Evar. I wrote about this handy extension back in January before Mozilla re-did things in Firefox 4 Beta 11 and 12 by putting connection status messages and link targets in an over-lay above the add-on bar. But for those of you who rather have this appear in the ‘status bar’ can do so with this extension. A couple notes, in the toolbars menu it will still be listed as add-on bar. Also, you can still hide/unhide the add-on status bar via CTRL+/.  The extension is only for Firefox 4 and 4.2 (developmental/future Firefox 5).

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Firefox 4 for Android Launched

Mozilla has announced the launch of Firefox 4 for Android. Mozilla, a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to making the Web better, is excited to release Mozilla Firefox 4 for Android. Firefox delivers an intuitive interface, unparalleled customization and support for modern Web technologies. To make mobile browsing effortless and fun, Firefox provides seamless and secure access to personal data across desktop and mobile devices, including browsing history, bookmarks, open tabs, form data and passwords. Feature include: safe and easy synchronization and access to history, bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and form data across desktop and mobile devices share page, save to…

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