July 31, 2015

More Troubles for Nvidia

It has not been a good week for Nvidia NVDA 164,95 +4,32 +2,69%. Last weekend Windows 10 users with Nvidia video cards using dual displays were having issues with Nvidia’s management software and Windows Update fighting each other claiming they had an updated driver. The Nvidia update would work, but Windows Updated detected that driver as outdated and would install a driver that didn’t work correctly with Windows 10. Now comes news they are recalling their 8-inch Shield Tablets in the US due to fears the device overheats and the battery may catch fire. Nvidia Corp said it was recalling some…

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Windows 10 CAN Retain Your Default Apps.

Note: I have yet to try this, so not sure where and when in the setup process this is presented. Still trying to get Windows 10 installed on one of my two test machines. Yesterday, one of them started acting up (BSOD) while I was researching how to do a forced upgrade to Windows 10. While BSOD use to be common with this system, they seemed to have disappeared when I did a clean install of Windows 7 about a year ago. The timing of that BSOD though makes me wonder if that machine was possessed by HAL 9000. So over the…

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